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Sitting here at Smokey Swallows, I’m somehow reminded of being at the concert of an aging rockstar. Interesting, a little syncopated and just a touch too loud. Generally speaking, I love jazz and this is no exception. These guys are good, heavy even. If I were the type I would even be tempted to call [...]

Price gouging all over #swc2010

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Taking a trip to my local Spar today, I see that even the vendors (those purveyors of quality Fakely, Swutch and Nikee goods) have hit on the soccer world cup price gouging tradition. I was offered a genuine, no-frills Soccer shirt for the princely sum of R280. Madness.

The second way to #uniteSA

Posted by rob April 9, 2010, under South Africa | 1 Comment

This one’s a simple one. Everyone should be able to understand it – and hopefully know that it’s right.   ADMIT YOUR PROBLEMS   Nothing in life is one-sided so why on earth should race relations be? There’s a play called Avenue Q that imparts some excellent information:   Ready for it?   Sure?   [...]

Julius Malema is right #uniteSA

Posted by Rob April 8, 2010, under Personal, South Africa | 6 Comments

  As much as it pains me to say it and to move off the #ignorejulius campaign, I have to admit that he's kinda right. (and yes, I expect some flak for this opinion)   Not, perhaps, in the way he says things or the manner in which he'd prefer to fix the problems he [...]

Ventersdorp Escalates

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After battle lines were drawn earlier today in Ventersdorp, it was hoped that following the exchange of pithy insults both the White and Black races would calm down enough to be rational. Unfortunately, the situation remained tense and matters came to a head when a group of black and white observers taunted each other with [...]


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  Julius Malema has exploded into political… prominence… by making himself hard to ignore. Inheriting a platform that drew attention to the accidental outrages he tripped into, he quickly learned to stoke outrage and roar back at any responses he provoked.     For the media, trying to gauge the state of the nation's health [...]

Uniting South Africa – #uniteSA

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  South Africa stands at a crossroads – a time in which racial tensions run high and the world is focused on us. Neither the people of South Africa nor the country itself can afford to have negativity and irrational outbursts rule our daily lives.   To that end, UniteSA is an attempt to bring people [...]

#uniteSA 06/04/2010

Posted by rob April 5, 2010, under South Africa | 3 Comments

    In this time of uncertainty, it is necessary for rational South Africans to come forward and encourage calm and peace in our country. With recent events in mind, we stand at a crossroads.   Down one road lies stupidity, retaliation and the potential for bloody civil war. Down another lies a bright future [...]

Extremists are assholes #uniteSA

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No matter which side of the fence they fall on, extremists are universally assholes. The recent murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’blanche really proves that point.   In a situation where the police are certain the murder was not politcally motivated and the family of Eugene Terre’blanche themselves have welcomed Cele into their home and [...]

Apple Schmapple

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Apple is, when you get right down to it, exactly like Nike.   Nike sells overpriced goods, Apple sells overpriced goods. The comparison is inevitable. In the same way as Apple appeals to Super Fans and fashionistas who believe that sleek looks make better designers, Nike appeals to athletes who believe that somehow the positioning [...]