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2009 Goals.

Posted by Rob June 22, 2009, under Personal | 6 Comments

Following in the footsteps of a great man, I've decided to do my own goals for 2009.

Yes, I'm aware that it's halfway through the year but this list is part of my "become more organised" mindset.
With no further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

1) Own and run 15 websites.

Not as easy as it sounds really. I currently own somewhere in the region of 15 domains but of those only four can be said to be reasonably active. The others are in various states of disrepair and need some TLC. Which brings us rather neatly to #2.

2) Focus on and fix one website per month.

Think if it as a "Babe of the Month" calendar. Only except of boobs and butts, you get pixels and scripts. For example, July is Dementia Month.

3) Blog every day.

Now this is something I'm going to struggle with. I'm going to have to set reminders and ask everyone who has actual contact with me in real life to nag me about it until I'm in the habit. Yes, that means you!

4) Take at least one photo every day.

It's really not that hard. In fact, there's a whole group of people who are doing this very successfully. The whole idea is that you should have at least 365 pictures by the end of a year. So far I'm on something like 100 so I'm a bit off target. This will be helped immensely by #5.

5) Carry a camera at all times.

The number of times this year I've said "If only I had my camera" drives me crazy! The thought of all the things I've missed taking photos of makes me sad. So now I'll just carry one around at all times. I even have a nice little compact one rather than lugging my DSLR around all the time so no excuses there.

6) Get at least one extra paying client each month.

Something that should be fairly easy to do. I have a number of non-paying clients (which is useless) and I have a number of sporadic clients (which is also useless). I want one new client per month. Which, with only six months left of the year, is completely doable.

7) Save enough to go overseas in 2010.

We're well on our way to this and fighting hard to keep at it. We realise that this money would probably be much better used to make a dent in our bond but damnit we want kids soon and after that all bets are off.

8) Wite a book and be happy about it.

This is a toughie. Every year I take part in NanoWriMo which is a grueling slogfest to write a 50 000 word novella. I've done it each year but I've never been happy with the outcome. This year I declare will be different and will be proper sized. I dont' particularly care if it never gets published or read but damnit, I want to have written it.

9) Be more organised!

Speaks for itself really. I'm frightful at organisation.

10) Revive RAOK

Random Acts of Kindness for those wearing the puzzled frowns. Either task based ("Go out and give 5 homeless people some food.") or entirely random ("So I got out of my car and helped the old lady cross the street"), this is certainly something that more people should do.

11) Do at least two selfless things per month.

Could be said to be an extension of RAOK but I'm giving it a sep. goal because I think it's worth it!

12) Own and run at least two sites that benefit other people.

I want two sites that bring something extra into people's lives. I've got an idea for one site, please mail me or comment if you have any other ideas.

And that is it for 2009. Let's see how I do.

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Currently have 6 Comments

  1. Those are some really good goals! Good luck man!

  2. Nice, I like them!

    And now that they are published, we will hold you to them

  3. Teh awesome dude :) Remember to review/recap once every 3 months. I've found 6 months is too long and makes it too easy to fall off the wagon.

    God speed \m/,

  4. PS: The theme you're using here is tasty! Did you design it or is it a standard WP theme? Verrry verrry naaais :D

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